Let's not cast an actor for this role, let's create one: At least that's what the producers behind the upcoming science fiction flick "b" thought when they cast the leading role with Erica. The AI ​​robot was trained in acting by Japanese scientists.

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We all know those pictures of Japanese, mostly female-looking robots that appear in the news every now and then: human-like androids with whom one can talk, play and discuss; which, like us, move on two legs and represent a branch of AI research. The robot Erica was reported about five years ago, but its artificial intelligence now seems to be so advanced that it can be used in a film. And becomes, if everything goes right,

How Hollywood reporter reports, hatches Erica in the lead role of the upcoming science fiction film "b". What is striking is not only the short name, but also the budget: b is already in it $ 70 million, financed inter alia by the producers of To The Bone (2017) and the Oscar-nominated drama Loving Vincent (2017).

Erica would be the one first completely artificial actor, however, he will also take on the role of an android in b: In history, a scientist develops a program that can be used to perfect human DNA. However, when he becomes aware of the inherent dangers, he helps the android b he developed to escape.

So far, only Erica has been chosen for the leading role; even a director has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, Erica is prepared for the role in several sessions – he is supposed to Have learned acting step by stepAs producer Sam Khoze reveals:

"With other acting techniques, actors relate to their own life experience. But Erica has no life experience. It was created to play this role. We had to have theirs Movements and emotions practice in one-on-one conversations, such as how she controls the speed of her movements, how she controls hers Talking emotions and we taught her her Develop character and Body language to deploy. "

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Who is the better actor: A person who embodies an android – as in Ex Machina – or a robot playing an android? So far, there have simply been no sufficiently developed AI robots to take on such roles. So if b is actually produced and published, we may have an answer to this question.