Everything gets better if you add a “+” to it. Ubisoft probably thought that too and announced Rocksmith +: Interactive Music Learning during Ubisoft Forward, the game manufacturer’s digital show at E3 2021.

The new part of the not necessarily traditional, but certainly unique series takes a slightly different path than before and is based on service games such as the in-house Just Dance or Guitar Hero: Live Tour. In other words, you don’t buy a game than a service that you can use in the form of an app on the target platforms PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and iOs / Android. Why there won’t be a switch version is also not entirely clear to us.

First Rocksmith + will be released for PC in the summer of 2021, with the other versions following in the fall of the same year. You can already register for a PC-exclusive beta of the game.

What you absolutely need for this and for playing the title in general: a guitar or a bass. There are no plastic guitars here, instead the strings are played on real instruments. Unlike its predecessors, players are no longer excluded from acoustic guitars and basses. Due to the very precise app, according to the first trailer, which we have included here for you, your game is recognized and the audio cable that was previously required is no longer necessary. Of course, it can still be used optionally.

There is no price for the subscription service yet, as well as details about the model, so whether you can cancel at any time or not. Once completed, you should definitely expect a wide range of services. In addition to a huge song list, which is constantly being expanded, for example video tutorials, a community function and dozens of setting options in order to learn as effectively as possible and adapted to your own abilities. In practice, Rocksmith traditionally reminds you of Guitar Hero and Co., so you play the right notes at the right moment, but with a thousand times higher standards and the opportunity to actually learn something.

Another new feature is the Rocksmith Workshop, in which users can upload their own arrangements for the various songs and share them with the community.

Rocksmith: Let’s Play mit Simon und Mháire

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