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Today, June 18th, Larian Studios are hosting a live stream for the upcoming role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3. You will see new scenes from the current version.

You want more of Baldur's Gate 3 see? Then it switches on at 7pm today Livestream a. Because Swen Vincke from Larian Studios shows you the current version of the RPG.

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The spectators decide whether Swen takes on a nasty hobgoblin or descends into the dark sub-realm. During the stream you will see how Baldur's Gate 3 has changed since the announcement earlier this year. You can watch the livestream track via Twitch.

You can already get a little insight through a video. In this Swen Vincke talks to the Youtuber and role-playing expert CohhCarnage, who managed to elicit some new information from the developer. Including that it is currently planned to offer most of the subclasses from the current D&D version in the game. It is also possible to be either really bad or kind-hearted and this will affect the game.

In addition, you can expect a high level of interaction with the game world. For example, it is possible to stack boxes to use as stairs that can be used to get to the roofs of houses. Or you collect wood that you ignite by a fire. So you get a torch that brings light into the particularly dark corners of dungeons.

According to Swen Vincke, BG 3 will offer a much deeper gaming experience than Divinity: Original Sin 2. For example, when it comes to relationships with party members or quests that can branch out. During the quests you make decisions that have an impact on the world. The choice of your people and your class alone will cause certain reactions.

Swen Vincke also explains that they have learned a lot from Baldur's Gate 2 and are building on it. During the livestream at 7 p.m. you will see more about Baldur's Gate 3, whose early access phase may already start in August.

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