The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 Calling last year controversial would probably only be the tip of the iceberg. Because after countless postponements, the PC version received quite a few positive ratings, but the console versions looked like one Total failure and Removal from the PlayStation Store.

Now, almost a year after its release, the role-playing game is a little better off, even if the developers of CD Projekt Red far from the end of their journey arrived. There shouldn’t be any more updates this year, but the next year is already fully planned for. In the past, support was also obtained from the modding community and responded to fan criticism of the mini DLCs.

Where did Cyberpunk 2077’s sudden boom come from?

That the Strategies from CD Projekt Red Seems to be bearing fruit, proves a look at Steam. Cyberpunk recorded there in 2077 (buy now € 46.99) namely not just one at the moment enormous influx of new players, but also numerous positive reviews. The game’s Quest Director, Paweł Sasko, already shared his delight on twitter:

“In the past few days, Cyberpunk 2077 has seen a spate of positive reviews from new players on Steam. You can’t imagine how much that means to me. Over 15,000 very positive reviews in the past few days, during both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 Sit on the global list of Steam’s best-selling games. Thank you very much! “

In addition to the So far, bug fixes and new content have taken place This upswing is likely to result primarily from the Steam Autumn Sale, where the role-playing game is currently reduced by a whopping 50% is and thus only 29.99 euros costs. Since the PC version has been by far the most convincing variant since its launch, many players certainly took the tempting offer as an opportunity to look past the problems that still existed.

CD Projekt Red is confident about the future of Cyberpunk 2077

In an interview with the Polish magazine Republic (via VGC) spoke Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Projekt Red, also about the Future of cyberpunk 2077that he looks confidently towards: “We believe Cyberpunk 2077 will be considered a very good game in the long run and just like our other titles will sell for years – especially as hardware gets stronger and we improve the game.”

“We are constantly working on updates and also on the version for the latest generation of consoles. Of course, the original release taught us a lot. It gave us the kick and motivated us to make the changes that will make us a better studio in the future will do.”

Of course, only the future can tell whether Kiciński’s predictions will come true current situation on Steam however, seems to be a good reason for his self-esteem. On Reddit however, one showed oneself still very skeptical and responded to the CEO’s statements with cynicism. “Everyone’s talking about the bugs, but let’s not forget the many features that were advertised and then weren’t there”, writes a user.

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