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Haven't you unlocked all of the Allied Races in World of Warcraft yet? Then you currently have a particularly favorable opportunity to farm missing call points. We'll tell you in our short tip what Blizzard is currently making the Rufgrind particularly easy for you.

The Allied Peoples have been expanding the ranks of playable races in World of Warcraft since WoW: Legion. If you want to unlock them, you have to earn an awesome reputation with the associated faction beforehand – and because there are already ten different Allied Peoples in the game, it can sometimes take a while before you have found yourself awesome with all of these factions .

Currently takes place in WoW (buy now for € 19.99) but again that Bonus week for world quests during which you will receive 50 percent more reputation points on the world quests of the associated faction on Kul Tiras. So if you do world quests on Mechagon, for example, you will receive a correspondingly higher reputation for completing each quest with the rust bolt resistance. The same applies to all other world quest factions, for example the Vulpera der Voldunai in Voldun.

More experience points thanks to "Wind of Wisdom"

But there is another reason why it is currently particularly worthwhile to farm reputation points for the Allied Peoples: Because until April 20, 2020 Blizzard activated the buff "Wind of Wisdom" in the game, which gives you 100 percent bonus experience points procured while leveling. With this you can currently level Twinks of the Allied Peoples particularly easily to the maximum level and thereby secure their traditional armor.

If you want to know what you need to do to unlock each of the Allied Races in WoW, just take a look at our guides:

We wish you much success in grinding and leveling!

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