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In the card chaos "Dalaran in the holiday madness" you have to win against an NPC opponent who has some tricks and special mechanics up his sleeve. The fight is not that easy. We show you what the special rules in this map chaos are and what you have to pay attention to.

This week you play in the chaos of cards against the city of Dalaran. This NPC fight is a bit tricky as you have to survive the initial damage and Dalaran's servants grow stronger with each turn. To secure your Classic Boss Pack, you must inflict at least 30 damage to the city, Then you can beat yourself up or see how much damage you can cause. This map chaos is the ideal way to complete the weekly quests to launch the new Dragon Legacy expansion.

Dalaran has a weapon that has 1 durability and gains damage each round. Strangely enough, it never comes into play, even if it could defeat you this turn. In addition to the usual servants, your opponent summons holiday banners (0/2) that increase the attack of neighboring servants by two points. With the heroic defender of Dalaran, the city either summons servants and exotic traders and crusaders from Dalaran, or sends Grumpy Guest into battle. The values ​​of the Grumpy Guest increase with every train. Your opponent also plays the two secrets of mirroring and duplicating. Dalaran also plays with a light bomb.

Hearthstone: the Zul'Drak ritualist in action!

Especially when there is a strong grumpy guest on the field, you ideally have to play around duplicating. Another special unit of Dalaran is the holiday guest. This taunt servant has 0 attack points, but his life points increase with each turn.

Dalaran has no special ability to draw cards or replenish his own deck when entering the exhaust area.
Basically, all you have to do is build a long-lasting deck with enough control spells that can handle the grumpy guests. Every now and then a great gift from Ü.B.E.L lands on the field. This 0/5 servant grants you mighty treasures that you may know from the latest solo adventure Graves of Horror. In an emergency, these powerful cards often save your butt.

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