At the end of 2019, Hideo Kojima and his team released Death Stranding, the Metal Gear creator’s last project to date, for PS4 and later also for PC. After leaving Konami, Hideo Kojima found his new home at Sony, which helped finance the game. While there are still rumors about new content for Death Stranding, Kojima Productions should now be working on the next project.

And according to a recent report by VentureBeat Kojima could now have found his new partner in the competition. Journalist Jeff Grubb claims that Microsoft could be the next publisher for Kojima Productions’ new project. Corresponding discussions between the two companies are said to have already taken place. However, it is still unclear whether the deal has already been signed. Just recently, Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed himself in a live stream with the Ludens character from Kojima Productions in the background and caused initial speculation.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Phil Spencer has hinted at Microsoft’s upcoming plans in this way. Before the Xbox Series S was unveiled, the Xbox boss hid a prototype of the console on his bookshelf – without anyone noticing. At the end of March, a person in charge of Kojima Productions revealed that the studio’s next project would be announced “very soon”. So far, however, nothing has been presented.

Those: VentureBeat

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