Rumors of new details about Elden Ring and Bloodborne 2

of Dominik Zwingmann
Details of Elden Ring have surfaced again this week on the Internet. Like a few days ago, this information comes from the ResetERA forum. User Omnipotent speaks extensively about the philosophy behind Elden Ring. There is also a small update on the current status of Bloodborne 2. Fans shouldn't have too much hope here, however.

For some time now, From Software officials have not revealed any new details about Elden Ring. Now there are some rumors about the game on the Internet that revolve around the game world of the upcoming project. Like last week, these new claims about Elden Ring come from ResetERA user Omnipotent.

Accordingly, the game world should feel much more alive compared to other titles of the studio. The day and night changes and the dynamic weather system also play an important role, which Omnipotent mentioned a few days ago. Elden Ring is said to carry the DNA of Dark Souls, but is not just a spinoff of the series. In the forum, the insider spoke in great detail about the philosophy behind the game. For fans of From Software, the text is definitely worth a look. We have the Contribution from Omnipotent linked directly for you.

Surprisingly, the ResetERA user also wrote about a possible release of Bloodborne 2, which has been on the trailer wish list for years. However, the project is currently neither in development nor in planning. So fans have to wait patiently for an announcement. According to Omnipotent, From Software is working on several games at the same time. There is no date for Elden Ring yet, but the title will still be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We'll keep you up to date.

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