Runes instead of pedestals for guaranteed stats

from Sara Petzold
Blizzard has again pre-buttoned the new system of optional reagents in the WoW: Shadowlands Alpha. Previously, jewelers could use the base stones as an optional reagent, but this no longer works. Instead, inscriptionists receive new rune recipes that replace the base stones.

From now on, base stones are no longer an optional reagent in the WoW: Shadowlands Alpha. Jewelcrafters can no longer use gems to give manufactured items guaranteed secondary attributes. Instead, the developers have put a replacement for it in the game.

Runes instead of base stones

So far, in the Shadowlands Alpha, jewel cutters have been able to add the four secondary attributes of critical hit rating, pace rating, mastery and versatility to a manufactured item using the base stones as optional reagents. That changed with the latest Alpha build, however Vanion reported.

The base stones of the jewel cutters no longer function as an optional reagent, but only in their original form. So you can only use them in existing plinths on equipment. Instead of the base stones as an optional reagent, there are four new recipes for inscriptionists who can use them to produce specific runes:

These runes then replace the gemstones as an optional reagent and provide items with the corresponding values. What do you think of this change? Do you appreciate that inscriptionists get this addition as a potential license to print money? Or did you like the old system better? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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