Call of Duty: Warzone is waging a never-ending battle against cheaters with its release. Now the developers announced on Twitter that the Battle Royale has broken a sad record.

Call of Duty: Warzone

500,000 cheaters banned in Warzone: Hackers remain a problem

At regular intervals, Warzone developer Raven Software lets the ban hammer swing and locks thousands of accounts in one fell swoop. Via Twitter the development team announced that they have reached a new milestone: In total, more than 500,000 accounts have now been banned.

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Despite the large number of banned accounts, the problem of cheaters and hackers is anything but solved. The shooter scoundrels keep finding new ways and means to gain an unfair advantage in the games thanks to software support. Honest gamblers are annoyed when they are killed by a cheater or hacker.

Numerous players also speak out under the tweet, who comment that they were wrongly banned. They state that their account has been hacked and ask the developers to take care of it and reactivate the accounts.

Measures against cheaters and hackers: Warzone developers fight against windmills

The fight against cheaters and hackers will likely never end for the developers of Warzone. Cheats that are recognized by the in-house system are quickly replaced by new versions that trick the system in a different way. There is no watertight plan to put an end to the cheaters once and for all.

IP and hardware ID bans cannot solve the problem either, since cheaters and hackers can change these values ​​with spoofers and VPNs. In this way, you can then create new accounts again.

Hopefully the cheaters and hackers will eventually lose interest in Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode and move on to another game. However, since Warzone continues to enjoy great popularity, it should not be expected soon. During this time, players can only do one thing: Report the cheaters and hackers they encounter in the game.