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With Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo launched the sporty switch equivalent of the Wii Balance Board. Nobody would have thought that it would be so successful due to a worldwide pandemic and quarantine. With sales up over 236 percent in the past week, the title is particularly popular in Japan.

Since more or less the whole world is in quarantine and many people avoid public places, everyone has found their own way to bridge the time at home. In addition to classic video games, some opt for a sportier variant.

Ring Fit Adventure: New fitness game in the launch trailer

The ring that gave it its name was Ring Fit Adventure in March (buy now) including software almost sold out and only available through third-party dealers at horrific prices. In the meantime, the prices of the switch game are approaching a normal level, but sales figures are still going through the roof in some places. Over 40,000 copies were sold in Japan last week, 263 percent more than in the previous seven days. Thus, almost a million switch rings in Japan have found their way into the players' homes.

The figures were published by gaming market analysts Benji Sales on Twitter. There he replies to his own tweet, in which he had published the figures for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

If you want to jump on the trend train, but are not sure what to expect, you can read our test on Ring Fit Adventure. There we clarify what the combination of role-playing and sports equipment is really good for.

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