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WoW Patch 8.3 offers players the opportunity to buy so-called salvage goods as part of the island expeditions for captured seafaring doubloons. These boxes contain various rewards that change weekly. We'll tell you what you can get from February 20-27.

Blizzard has shown pity for fans since WoW Patch 8.3 – at least as far as island expeditions are concerned. The rewards for this feature of Battle for Azeroth are now available from the so-called salvage goods boxes, which you can buy for collected naval doublets. These boxes work practically like loot boxes and contain transmog armor, mounts, pets and toys that you are lucky to get after completing an expedition.

The loot boxes change weekly and have different contents accordingly. The week from February 20 to 27 offers you the following boxes:

Transmog items via salvage goods from the island expeditions

This week you will get the following transmog items from the salvage goods of the island expeditions:

  • Rescue material from the spider depression
  • Salvage goods from the forest
  • Rescue material from the deep green wilderness

Mounts, pets and toys via salvage goods from the island expeditions

You will also receive the following mounts, pets and toys from the salvage goods boxes:

Source: Wowhead

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