Who still drives a car today? Fewer and fewer of the younger people with iPhones in their pockets and I, an old “boomer”, don’t necessarily belong to the “gas footed” faction. And even if you want to, there is a small obstacle, one that could no longer play a role in the future with the help of Tesla and Co. My thought about the weekend, let’s talk about it.


In recent years, the automotive industry has looked increasingly terrified at the young. Instead of getting a driver’s license and saving a car from their mouths, they prefer to buy the latest iPhone from Apple and fly around, visit God and the world. Generation “iPhone” threatens to get lost. And then there are also specialists like me.

Generation “iPhone” without a driver’s license: Can Tesla help?

I successfully passed a driver’s license test over 25 years ago, but one since then only very manageable driving experience. Since after leaving school I only lived in cities with good infrastructure and public transport, I never saw the need to buy my own car. Just wasted money for me. Disadvantage: Just get into a car and hit the gas? Not a good idea, neither for me, the car, nor the rest of the traffic and its participants.

Apart from the driving experience, I dread just thinking about them anachronistic driving technique. For example, I never quite understood why people, especially in this country, on the old continent, are overly proud of the tiresome manual transmission. Automatic is only for old grannies and fat Americans? This is how many amateur racing drivers thought and still think today on German roads. Why do you torment yourself with it? As a Teutonic motorist, does one have to be fundamentally masochistic?

Well, that’s how I would like to “drive” a car in the future:

Fortunately, this is now inevitably changing because E-cars have no gear shift. The “Automatic” almost always drives along. So you can fully concentrate on the traffic – accelerate, brake, left, right, forwards, backwards … done. And even this is becoming increasingly easier or is no longer necessary. Pioneers in autonomous driving is there for sure Tesla. The dream of a self-driving car is getting closer and closer and will be technically mature faster than the legal framework. For the foreseeable future, the driver (of course still with a driver’s license) will still have to intervene, but the control of the automobile is already made easier by such “solutions” as the Tesla autopilot.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect the “flood of news” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

It’s going in the right direction …

Ultimately, it can be said: Who will be the future automobile manufacturer who will Generating “iPhone” enthusiasm for driving want, he must Simplify control more and more. Incidentally, Apple also knows this, and will probably present a corresponding electric car in the next few years. The new technology is already awakening in me the desire to seriously deal with the subject of “cars” again. E-cars with sophisticated assistance systems are becoming increasingly attractive to me, but unfortunately also not really affordable yet. Tesla is paying dearly for the outlook into the future, the software option of the autopilot, for example, costs at least 3,800 euros, 7,500 euros for the full package. Even if the enthusiasm grows, I certainly don’t want to save myself the new e-toys.

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Sven Kaulfuss06.03.2021

Therefore: My dream of a self-driving future has to wait a little longer. When Intermediate step at least that’s how I understand that now upcoming triumph of the electric car with its obligatory “automatic transmission”. Reason enough for me to take a few refresher lessons after all and get behind the wheel again.

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