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WoW: Shadowlands brings a large number of new design options for our heroes. No matter whether fresh skin tones, hairstyles or eye colors – the new range offers so many visual delicacies like never before in World of Warcraft. And although Blizzard's developers have announced that they want the classic peoples to have a major overhaul, the Allied Peoples are not neglected either. Today we present the optical news for blood and void elves.

The Void Elves are a committed community that was driven out of Silvermoon in WoW: Legion and joined the Alliance in exile. As supporters of Alleria Windrunner, the Ren'dorei learn to control the forces of the void. This new way of life is also reflected in its peculiar appearance. The pale bluish skin and the purple hair, which is traversed by void tentacles, have so far been the features that make up the void elves of the World of Warcraft optically.

Numerous Allianz fans have embraced the empty elves since the Legion, but there was also negative feedback about the character creation of the Ren'dorei. Some players were disappointed that there were no high elves for the alliance or that it was not possible to create elven heroes that were visually similar to the high elves.

With WoW: Shadowlands get blue eyes for the blood elves (a classic feature of the high elves) as a design option for character creation. The empty elves should literally have had nothing to do with graphic adjustments. However, the developers changed their mind after the players gave their feedback again. Check out the result below! You can find more pictures of the new empty elves on Wowhead.

WoW: Many visual similarities for blood and void elves in Shadowlands (1)

Source: Blizzard

WoW: Many optical similarities for blood and void elves in Shadowlands (2)

Source: Blizzard

Now both elven peoples are given comparable design options from Blizzard in the course of character creation. This means that blood and void elves will share all skin and eye colors in the future. Blood elf fans don't yet have accurate information about the unique void elf hairstyles.

What do you think of the planned graphic adjustments for blood and void elves? Are you going to choose the blue eyes for your elven hero right away or stick to the old look? Let us know in the comments!

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