In the tariff world of MediaMarkt there are currently the Samsung Galaxy S10 and a PlayStation 4 Pro in a bundle with a mobile phone tariff over 160 euros cheaper than in individual purchase. If you need a game console for the holidays, this is your deal.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + PS4 Pro + Allnet-Flat and 10 GB LTE in the Vodafone network

A new tariff offer from MediaMarkt promises gambling, mobile surfing and phone calls until you drop. In addition to the 2019 smartphone flagship from Samsung, the PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the most modern consoles of the last generation at an unbeatable price. We do the math and tell you why the offer is still worth it today.

Overview of contract conditions

The most important facts about the tariff are summarized here.

  • Tariff: mobilcom-debitel Green LTE 10 GB Promo
  • Network: Vodafone
  • Data volume: 10 GB / month
  • Connection: LTE, max. 50 Mbit / s download, Max. 25 Mbit / s upload,
    after consumption of the included data volume 64 kbit / s upload and download
  • Telephony: Flat in German networks (without special numbers)
  • SMS: 0.19 euros in German networks (without special numbers)
  • EU roaming: included
  • Contract duration: 24 months (notice period: at least 3 months before expiry, otherwise extension by 12 months)

Costs over the minimum contract period

In the overview you can see how much you have to pay for the offer.

  • Tariff: 24.99 euros / month
  • Connection fee: one-time 39.99 euros
  • Additional payment for device: one-time 49 euros
  • Shipping: 0 euros

Taken together: That's why the offer is worthwhile

We come to the calculation: 24 months × 24.99 euros (basic costs) plus the one-off costs of 88.99 euros result in a total 688.75 euros costs over 24 months.

Let us calculate the value of the hardware on the other hand: The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a current best online price of 489.89 euros according to idealo, the PS4 Pro comes to 362.02 euros according to idealo. Mathematically, the hardware has one Total value of over 850 euros, her So saves more than 160 euros compared to the individual purchase – and also gets an absolutely useful mobile tariff.

Are there any catches in the offer?

The 50 Mbit / s Maximum download speed doesn't sound like much, but is sufficient for everyday use in practically every situation. It is worth noting that no SMS flat rate is included – 0.19 euros are due per short message in German networks. If you text a lot, you should switch to messengers like WhatsApp.

It is important that the promo tariff conditions only apply to the Minimum contract term of 24 months be valid. We therefore recommend, as usual, to cancel in good time, i.e. at least 3 months before the end of the contract, because otherwise you will have to pay a monthly fee increased to 31.99 euros. Background in our video:

Conclusion: In my estimation, the offer is a great deal, if you are currently looking for a good mobile phone plus contract and also want the console. If you plan to resell the hardware because you only want the tariff, the deal is no longer quite as worthwhile because the purchase prices for the S10 and PS4 Pro are well below the new prices – but it should still be a good deal.


If it's you only on cellphone and console MediaMarkt has a somewhat cheaper offer overall. This includes significantly less data volume (3 instead of 10 GB) and a higher additional payment for the device (99 instead of 49 euros), but a lower monthly fee (21.99 euros instead of 24.99 euros). In total, you save another 22 euros (666.75 instead of 688.75 euros) over 24 months. Click here for the offer.

If you absolutely have one PS5 want to have, o2 offers this in the digital version without a drive also in combination with a mobile phone contract, but the costs of the offer are much higher and you don't get a mobile phone. More information in our article.

Is the PS4 Pro 2020/2021 still worth it?

The question is justified, because you can now buy the much more modern and powerful PS5. Nevertheless, there are good arguments for an older generation console:

  • The PS5 is still barely available and if so, then really expensive (around 400 euros for the digital version, 500 euros for the one with a drive). We don't expect falling prices until late in the new year 2021, when the console is widely available. In addition, there are occasional production defects in the first batches.
  • Exclusive games for the PS5 are still few and far between. If you choose a console of the last generation, you have a choice of hundreds of games – you can find inspiration in our article "The best PS4 games put to the test".
  • The PS4 continues in the Pro version powerful. Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War and The Last of Us Part 2 still get something out of the hardware graphically and look fantastic even on 4K TVs.
  • Thanks to falling prices, you can also get the PS4 Pro cheaply and in a few simple steps with a SSD retrofit so that loading times and texture pop-in are reduced.
  • Even if you plan to switch to a PS5 in the medium term, the new console is downward compatible. This means: practically all games and saved games that you now accumulate on the PS4 / Pro can continue to be used when you buy the PS5 at a later date.

Is the Galaxy S10 still worth it in 2020/2021?

Yes, the Galaxy S10 is still one today good smartphonethat can score particularly well in terms of display, design, performance and camera. You can read more in our review of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which received an excellent rating in March 2019 Rating of 88% has reached. The improvements of the successor Galaxy S20 are not significant.

More about the Galaxy S10 in the hands-on video.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 Enterprise Edition from Samsung will continue with guaranteed updates supplied – until spring 2022 there will be monthly security updates from the manufacturer, until spring 2023 there will be quarterly. Anything beyond that is at the discretion of the manufacturer.

What is the Enterprise Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S10?

It is a device version that is adapted to corporate customers. In addition to a higher update frequency the Enterprise Edition also supports extended security functions. Individuals can use the cell phone use as normal, there are no restrictions.