Shortly after the Superbowl, MediaMarkt picks up another one Slammin` Handytarif from the casket, which can even keep up with the Black Friday offers from the end of 2019. In addition to the top mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S10, there is a flat telephony and 6 GB LTE data in the Vodafone network. The highlight is the addition: With the Xbox One X, gamers get the currently most powerful console and 2 games extra. Mathematically, you even make an opulent profit of over 200 euros.

Update on 04.02.2020: The offer has been extended once and can still be taken advantage of at the moment. We don't know exactly when it will end, but definitely during the day. If you are interested, you should strike quickly.

The cell phone

With the Galaxy S10, Samsung did a lot right in 2019. Compact by today's standards, a huge display, the hole of which hides a front camera, with enough power and a great camera, the smartphone fulfills almost all the expectations that you can still have of a cell phone today. Negative points: The battery is okay at best and with the Galaxy S20 we should have a successor this month. Nevertheless, a super phone that should be supplied with updates even longer. In the test for the Samsung Galaxy S10, GIGA awards a top rating of 88%! The colors available are black, white, blue, green and silver.

The contract

The "Green LTE 6 GB" contract runs through Mobilcom Debitel, the SIM card transmits in the Vodafone network. In addition to a telephony flat rate in all German networks (landline and mobile), 6 GB of LTE data with a maximum speed of 50 Mbit / s are also included. But that's enough for all normal applications, including video streaming from YouTube, Netflix and Co. Disadvantage: An SMS flat rate is not included, 0.19 euros per short message.

The console + the games

The Xbox One X is currently the most powerful game console, which usually causes multiplatform titles to look better than on the PS4 Pro and often overextend a 4K TV. With the games of the Halo, Gears and Forza series there are also exclusive titles that you can only get here (okay, also on the PC). With the Game Pass, there is also an optional paid game subscription offer for the Xbox, which contains hundreds of games, including representatives of the aforementioned exclusive series. A free trial month is included, you can get it from Microsoft three more months for 1 euro, Bonus: You can use the Xbox One X as a 4K-capable Blu-Ray drive. The PS4 Pro cannot.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is included as a game, it is an all-round successful "soulslike" action adventure for single players in the war-of-the-stars cosmos. GIGA rating: 90%.

Also included: Madden NFL 20, the latest version of American football simulation. Good game if you can do something with the genre. GIGA rating: 80%.

The offer

Whipped out the abacus and stylus and calculated: The contract has a minimum contract term of 24 months. We generally recommend that you terminate contracts in good time, as you usually have to pay more after the minimum contract term.

If you assume a contract term of 24 months, you pay 24 × 26.99 euros = 647.76 euros basic fee. In addition there are one-off costs of 44.94 euros at the start of the contract (1 euro additional device + 3.95 euros shipping + 39.99 euros connection fee). So all in all you pay 692.70 euros in 24 months or, arithmetically and on average, 28.87 euros per month.

Let's keep the value of the hardware against it: Online best price for the Xbox One X bundle with Star Wars is currently 308.72 euros (including shipping). The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 currently costs 555.90 euros. The Madden game for Xbox makes another 34.99 euros. The Total value for the hardware alone is already 899.61 euros,

That means: If you want the hardware, you already do the math over 200 euros profit! And there is also a really suitable cell phone contract. If you are interested: Get it, the offer is only valid today.

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