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With patch 9.1, the new raid Sanctum of Dominion comes to the live servers of WoW Shadowlands. This again includes the ability to skip some of the front bosses after killing them multiple times. At least one item found indicates this very strongly.

When Patch 9.1 hits the live servers of WoW Shadowlands in a few weeks, the Sanctum of Dominion will also be unlocked shortly afterwards. Ten new bosses and lots of loot await brave heroes in the raid. In the design of the new raid, Blizzard is apparently maintaining a tradition that was used in previous raids. This is indicated by at least one item that was unearthed by dataminers.

  • Phylactery Shard – A shard taken from Kel’Thuzad’s shattered phylactery in the Sanctum of Domination on Normal Difficulty. Max Stack: 4

This item comes in three different variants – normal, heroic and mythic. So it looks very much as if another quest awaits us in the Sanctum of Dominion, in which we have to kill a certain boss four times on a difficulty level in order to then unlock a shortcut. That shortcut will then, in all likelihood, allow us to skip some bosses and go straight to the back ones.

It is unclear which bosses we can skip and which ones we still have to kill. What is certain, however, is that Kel’Thuzad, from whom we obviously looted the item, is the penultimate boss. This indicates that we can port ourselves right up to the front and then only have the final two bosses in front of us. However, we will probably have to defeat Tarragrue, the first boss of the raid, because he is waiting right at the entrance and in the past we mostly had to defeat the first boss in order to reach the shortcut.

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