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In an interview with WoWsLead game designer Morgan Day we learned that the BoE drops from the upcoming raid sanctum of domination will be minimized. That is probably the reaction to the market that has formed around these items – especially in the first Mythic weeks.

Sloot recently interviewed WoW’s lead game designer Morgan Day. The two talked mainly about Patch 9.1 and the upcoming content for the first major update of WoW Shadowlands. From this we learned that there will be significantly fewer items from the new Sanctum of Command raid that are bound when equipping.

Instead of dropping two items plus rings and necklaces per armor class as in Castle Nathria, no BoE jewelry will drop in the Sanctum of Rulership. The developers recognize that stocking up with four items at a mythical level directly in the first Mythic ID is too great an increase in character power.

This change should save the guilds quite a bit of gold in battle in the World First Race. Because completely new markets and structures were built up within the community around the BoEs of a raid. In the first weeks of a new raid, top guilds such as Echo or Limit are constantly looking for players with BoEs via add-ons, and they beat each other out on bids. Usually several hundred million gold are sold. In the last raid tier, Limit even had two raid groups assigned to farm BoEs in Nathria Castle.

BoEs in the sanctum of dominion

Cloth armor

For cloth wearers, hands and a belt are dropped in the Sanctum of Dominion.

Leather armor

For leather wearers, pants and bracers will be dropped in the Sanctum of Dominion.

Chain armor

For chain wearers, legs and a belt will be dropped in the Sanctum of Dominion.

Plate armor

Shoes and bracers are dropping shoes and bracers in the Sanctum of Dominion for plate wearers.

via: wowhead.com

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