Haven't you received a PS5 yet and are you annoyed because the console was sold out immediately after availability? Then you can thank scalpers, because entire networks bought thousands of consoles under your nose.

Scalpers benefit from the corona crisis

According to Business Insider magazine, the scalper network CrepChiefNotify alone was able to buy more than 3,500 consoles. That is probably more than some regular Sony dealers even got. And this is just one such group. These scalper networks compete with each other and try to outdo each other in the amount of consoles they could get hold of with their bots. CrepChiefNotify offers a subscription service through which scalpers get access to systems and tools for a monthly fee with which they can easily search the Internet for products that are difficult to find and purchase them immediately.

Alex Kabarra offers a scalper bot for $ 325 and explains that his customers make a lot of profit from reselling the devices. Some of his customers can use it to buy new cars or even houses. The Scalper Avo goes even further here and means that some users can achieve profit in the 5-digit range.

According to the scalpers, the corona pandemic has greatly favored the situation. Scalpers, according to Alex Kaberra, often male and between 18 and 30 years old, usually have less well-paid jobs that are still being affected by the corona crisis. This gives scalpers more time to roam the Internet and buy hard-to-find products using bots. Technical devices like the PS5 don't even have to be (buy now )who have favourited Xbox Series X or newer Geforce graphics cards. In the summer, for example, many people wanted to buy an inflatable pool because their vacation was canceled due to the corona crisis. So the scalpers bought up the pools to sell them on at a higher price. In addition, due to lockdowns, fewer goods can be offered in landing shops. This means that more products are available online, which the scalpers can then grab.

It is a lucrative business from which honest buyers suffer and which is being fueled by the corona crisis.

Source: Business Insider / PCMag

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