Scotty ISS in space for 12 years

In the summer of 2005, the Canadian actor John Doohan died – to most people in the world he is probably better known as Scotty from the original series Spaceship Enterprise and numerous Star Trek films. Because there he played the personable chief engineer Montgomery Scott, nicknamed Scotty, who was always blessed with a suitable idea. As now reported by Spiegel Online, among others, apparently at least part of the ashes of John Doohan has been on the ISS (International Space Station) for 12 years and orbits the earth about 400 kilometers above our heads.

Ultima creator as a chauffeur

Responsible for this is the millionaire Richard Garriot, who game fans know as the creator of the role-playing game series Ultima and founder of Origin – exactly the Origin, which was bought by Electronic Arts in the 90s and is now the namesake of the EA game platform. Because Richard Garriot afforded himself the luxury of visiting the ISS as a tourist with his fortune – this was in 2008. On this occasion he apparently took ashes from John Doohan with him, because now a video appeared in which Garriot addressed one of the Sons of John Doohan and speaks of having fulfilled the Father's last will. John Doohan wanted to be "buried" in the stars. According to his statements, Garriot took the ashes with him on board in three memorial cards that the son had previously sent him by post – he hid one of the cards in the ISS, he was able to transport a second into space, and he kept the third as a souvenir and keep them at home.

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Last trip into space failed three times

Garriot thus succeeded in what had already been achieved twice before and then not again, at least not 100 percent: a long-term transport of the ashes into space. Because two years after the death of John Doohan, a rocket with his cremated remains had already been launched into space, but after a short time it came back to earth braked by parachute, as planned. In 2008, before Garriot's journey, a rocket that was supposed to take some of the ash into space crashed less than three minutes after takeoff. A third officially approved action took place in 2012 when the remains of more than 300 deceased, including those of John Doohan, were dropped in a capsule on a supply flight to the ISS. The capsule flew around the earth for about a year before it burned up in the atmosphere.

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