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While many players are counting the hours until the release of the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands, they shouldn't look forward to the events around the Scourge Invasion. It is not even part of the update at first.

Much changes in Azeroth on October 14th: The WoW Shadowlands pre-patch released! This is accompanied by new features such as the extensive expansion of character creation, the level squish from 120 to 50 levels, free leveling of the expansion of your choice or the new start experience on the island of exile. But one thing is missing on the release day: the connection to WoW Shadowlands. Because "The Flood of Death", the event around the recurring scourge, whose invasion we as players fend off, should appear later.

When does the tide of death begin? The scourge event still does not have an exact release date. The developers have repeatedly referred to it in official posts and so for example "shortly after the start of the pre-patch" and "when the release of Shadowlands is getting closer " given as a guide.

Why don't we fight the Scourge in the pre-patch?

Looking back at the pre-patch periods of past expansions, the lack of Scourge Invasion is no surprise. Apart from Warlords of Draenor, every pre-patch brought fundamental changes with it, before a unique event took place a few weeks later. In this way, players can familiarize themselves with the extensive class changes. When The Tide of Death is live, players can earn a new 34-compartment bag, for example, get equipment for the start of Shadowlands and turn it into zombies!

Source: wowhead

The postponement of WoW Shadowlands leaves many players wondering whether the longest pre-patch period in the history of the MMORPG is coming. Because there is still no new release date.

Are you looking forward to The Flood of Death? How will you spend the time until the event becomes part of the pre-patch?

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