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Good news for the developers of Rare: Sea of ​​Thieves has seen a daily increase in new players since the free-action action adventure was released on the Steam platform last week. Unusual, since the so-called "peak" of the number of players for most Steam titles is reached after 48 hours and then flattens out.

Who would have thought that? After Sea of ​​Thieves already pushed Civilization 6 off the top of the Steam charts, the action adventure originally released in 2018 with MMO elements records new player numbers every day. The peak for most titles is usually reached within 48 hours, but the time afterwards is characterized by a declining trend in the number of players. The opposite is currently the case with Sea of ​​Thieves: the number of maximum players has now risen to around 46,000.

This comes as a surprise since Sea of ​​Thieves (buy now for 27.94 €) has been around for a few years now and was already available for the PC through the Windows Store. At the time, the reviews also spoke of a rather mixed game experience.

Not only developers Rare and Microsoft can look forward to this, but also all fans and players of Sea of ​​Thieves. The high number of players should also be noticeable among the Xbox One pirates via the crossplay function. That will do the title, which is designed for cooperative online gameplay, clearly good.

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