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Season 2 loses important sorcerer

The "The Witcher" series on Netflix needs a new witcher. An actor planned for the second season can no longer take on his role.

The Witcher (series on Netflix)

The Witcher on Netflix loses an actor

The actor Thue Rasmussen should be in the second season of "The Witcher" series embody the witcher donkey on Netflix. He now announces on Twitter that he can no longer fill the role due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It's never too late to try The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt …

Due to the pandemic, the production of the second season was postponed. As a result, a planning conflict arose for Rasmussen. The actor continues to write that it is heartbreaking not to be able to be part of the second season as a donkey. Still he was happy and grateful for the timethat he was able to spend on the set this year.

Everyone worked passionately on the series, making it one inspiring experience have made. He also thanks the fans who wrote him many encouraging messages.

The witcher donkey was already diving into that In 2007 the role-playing game The Witcher was released on. After that, it took eight years before he reappeared in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In the Netflix series he should now appear together with his grim colleagues Lambert and Vesemir.

For more information about the plot and the actors of the second season, see the Overview of our colleagues from kino.de. Rasmussen is definitely happy to be able to experience the second season as a fanboy instead of a witcher.

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The second season of the Netflix series The Witcher loses an important sorcerer. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are planning conflicts for the actor Thue Rasmussen. Who would you wish for in the role of the witcher? Feel free to visit our Facebook page and write us in the comments.

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