The second season of the series starts in October Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney + – at least in the US. Season 3 is already being prepared. But how does the Corona crisis affect the shooting?

Season 3 is well on its way

Jon Favreau, executive producer on the series, believes there will be no delays. There is a reason for this: "The fact that the set is much more organized is an advantage because you can limit the number of people. A lot of the people work remotely, which is what we call the Brain Bar. Basically, it's several game computers. The number of people near the camera can be much less than (usual). We also shoot a lot outdoors, which is also helpful. We build on a moment when we are more like film in an animated production where we have a lot of storyboards, a lot of discussion and scouting in virtual reality. We use cinematic tools in VR similar to "The Lion King" and "The Jungle Book". Often times the actors you see on the Screen looks, not actually present on the set. "

Plus, producer Dave Filoni explained why there were so many secrets surrounding Season 1. In episode 5, for example, a character appears who we only see the boots of. This person reminded some fans of bounty hunter Boba Fett. "We try to layer things in the Star Wars universe so that they feel authentic, but also to give a little nod, hints, whatever they are," Filoni said. "They can be small or big. Jon (Favreau) and I love this stuff because we're fans. We both keep our eyes open to things we like or little coherent things that might mean something to people like us. "

Jon Favreau continues, "I thought it was very important to determine that there were going to be surprises. When you're promoting a film, you're doing your best on the marketing campaign because you want everyone to be in the cinema that Friday. Television is different. You want to build something. You want word-of-mouth. You want people to tune in and know that something is going to happen that they want to talk about. "

We can be curious to see which clues and secrets are hidden in Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Source: StarWarsNewsNet / Comic book

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