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In keeping with the upcoming start of Season 3 in Rocket League, the developers have released a trailer for the game. The season will begin on all platforms on April 7, 2021. A new Rocket Pass is also part of the season’s content. In May, racing fans can look forward to another highlight. In cooperation with Formula 1 and NASCAR, exclusive vehicles will find their way into the game. The makers would like to announce further details shortly.

There are only a few days left in Rocket League for players to improve their current rank in ranked mode. Season 3 of the popular title starts on April 7th on all platforms. A trailer that shows you various content from Season 3 now provides a foretaste of the new season.

Among other things, players can look forward to the next Rocket Pass, which will again offer you numerous items. In addition to the free version, there will also be the premium model of the Rocket Pass again. This not only brings an even larger selection of embellishments for your vehicle, the brand new Tyranno is also part of the offer. In the trailer and on the Psyonix website fans get a first look at the new model. Another highlight is the upcoming partnership with NASCAR and Formula 1.

While the NASCAR packages will be added to the game at the beginning of May, Formula 1 fans will have to wait for the cars until mid-May. The team would like to announce exact details of the cooperation in the next few weeks. With the DFH Stadium Circuit (also shown in the trailer), a new arena is also finding its way into the game. You will receive the rewards for your rank at the end of the current season shortly after the start of Season 3. Rocket League is now available as a Free2Play title for all relevant platforms.

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“Rocket League: Trailer for Season 3 with Formula 1 and NASCAR”