Season 4 probably returns to the TOS roots

For some Trekkies, Star Trek: Discovery is a series that is too far removed from what Star Trek used to be: visiting foreign worlds, meeting aliens and experiencing the adventure of the week. With Season 4 we could get that again.

Attention! Here are spoilers!

At the end of Season 3 of the Star Trek: Discovery series, we see Michael Burnham as the new captain of the USS Discovery. The series ends with the music we know from the original series from the 1960s and that has a very specific reason, according to showrunner Michelle Paradise. "Even in our new iteration of Star Trek, it feels like we're going back to TOS and some of the other big shows," says Paradise. "Part of what we do is honor what gave birth to all of this."

Season 4 is supposed to go back to the episodic stories that we experienced in TOS. Every week a completed story on a strange world with the "Alien of the Week". There will probably still be stories told in more than one episode, but Star Trek: Discovery definitely wants to revive what fans loved about Star Trek since TOS.

With Season 3, a longer story was completed, which began in Season 2. Now that the ship's crew has arrived in the 32nd century and solved the mystery surrounding the fire, exploration is back to the fore. The Federation has to be rebuilt, which probably leads the crew to unknown planets. We'll see how much Star Trek: Discovery with Season 4 is based on TOS. But probably not until next year.

Source: Inverse

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