Seasonal Reset converts Honor and Titan Residuum to Silver

from Karsten Scholz
With the launch of WoW: Shadowlands, all Azeroth heroes can expect a seasonal reset. Specifically, this means that your honor available at this point and every bit of titanium residual will be converted into silver. In addition, your counter for conquest points in the PvP area will be set to zero.

Community manager Kaivax joined a few hours ago in the official World of Warcraft forum addressed to the community and reminded them that the Launch of WoW: Shadowlands on November 24th will give a seasonal reset at 0:00.

Specifically, the seasonal reset means that your honor available on all characters and every bit of titanium residual is converted into a corresponding amount of silver. In addition, your counter for conquest points in the PvP area will be set to zero.

The first season of Shadowlands then starts on December 9th with the opening of the normal and heroic difficulty level of the raid challenge Nathria, the beginning of the Mythic Plus season and the start of the rated PvP games. The four LFR wings will then open from December 16 to February 3. The World First Race on the mythical level of difficulty takes place in the week before Christmas (and beyond ?!).

By the way, we're planning a comprehensive preview of Shadowlands season 1 for the coming Saturday. So it's worth checking out buffed this weekend.

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