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There was a secret message to uncover during Overwatch's Christmas stream. To discover them, however, you had to look very closely and pay special attention to the eyes of Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

On Christmas Eve, the now traditional "Yule Log Stream" took place around the hero shooter Overwatch. For a little over eight hours, game director Jeff Kaplan, who was responsible for the game, could be seen sitting in front of a cozy fireplace and doing some things every now and then. But in addition to some ordinary activities, there was even a secret message to discover.

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For this purpose you had to look very closely. At some point, Jeff Kaplan had started blinking his eyes in a striking manner. What looked like meaningless and senseless at first, after a little research, turned out to be a message in the Morse code. The blinkers of Overwatch's game director (buy now for € 24.99) deliberately had short and long intervals. Eager fans immediately went to decrypt the code. This resulted in the saying "I need healing" – a small gag in the direction of the Overwatch hero Genji. But there was nothing more behind the secret message.

Another statement from Kaplan caused a bit more stir during the Christmas stream. Suddenly he mentioned a possible appearance of the "Queen" in Overwatch. This clearly meant the well-known "Junker Queen", about whose debut fans of the hero shooter have been speculating for some time. Does the mention during the stream indicate that it will actually be available as a playable character soon? An official statement from Blizzard has so far been delayed.

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