Secret PS5 function finally makes boring grinding bearable

The PlayStation 5 not only offers significantly more performance than its direct predecessor, but also brings some interesting new functions with it. One of them ensures that you won't get bored that easily while grinding or leveling. But there is a catch. GIGA explains what the feature is all about.

PlayStation 5

Watch YouTube while playing: New PS5 function makes it possible

Even in the best games there are sometimes sections that you almost have to struggle through. Especially in epic role-playing games with a long playing time, you become a player sooner or later sometimes forced to grind for hours – It's not really fun.

Thanks to a new feature of the PS5, however, that is exactly what is becoming a bit more bearable. Via the pinning option on the console, you can have website content displayed right next to your game – including YouTube videos, Twitch live streams, Netflix series or films on Amazon Prime Video. However, since the console browser cannot be found in the menu, you have to take a little detour to use the function.

Send the link to the YouTube video or Twitch livestream that you want to watch while playing to a friend via PSN or create a second PSN account to which you can send the messages. Your friends will thank you. Now you can select the link from the message, whereupon the browser opens. Now press the "Options" button on your PS5 controller and select the option "Pin to the side". This way you can pin the browser to either the left or right of the screen. Now you can start the game of your choice, the video continues to run over the browser in the foreground.

PS5 exclusive – Xbox players will have to do without these games:

Watch videos, films and series while playing: PS5 feature is a bit cumbersome

However, there is currently one problem. If you want to select a different video via the browser, cannot simply call up another website via the URL bar because the function is deactivated. Instead, you either have to navigate to a new video via the active website or send a new link via the PSN, which you can then open via the browser.

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The function is therefore particularly suitable for long videos, series or streams, since switching between other content is a bit cumbersome. Still a handy feature for anyone who wants some distraction during a long grinding session.