The celebrated BBC production World on Fire, which has already been extended for a second season, sheds light on the first year of the Second World War from the perspectives of various people in a wide variety of situations. In addition to the soldiers at the front, we also observe the fate of their families, the work of war reporters, translators and the dilemma of civilians far from home.

We have an exclusive scene from the series that you can watch under these lines.

World on Fire: Exclusive scene from the BBC series about World War II

The showrunner at World on Fire is the theater and TV director Peter Bowker (Blackpool), who has gathered a cast full of stars and fresh faces for the three-part first season. In addition to young people such as Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom, The Alienist), Ewan Mitchell (The Last Kingdom, High Life) and Jonah Hauer King (soon to be seen in Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid as Prince Eric), the prestige series also cavort Veterans like Boromir actors Sean Bean, Max Riemelt and Helen Hunt.

In September 1939, the figures were surprised by the German invasion of Poland. World War I veteran bus conductor Douglas Bennett (Bean) watches as his son Tom (Mitchell) joins the Navy. Daughter Lois (Brown) is the singer for the entertainment of the troops. Elsewhere, war reporter Nancy (Hunt) is doing everything possible to protect her neighbors in Berlin from the Nazis. Other locations are Warsaw, Paris and Dunkirk.

World on Fire erscheint am 16.04.2021 as DVD and Blu-ray as well as digitally as video-on-demand.

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