PS5 or Xbox Series X: Which Is Really Better, in terms of Performance and Quality? While the two consoles are already experiencing their release in the USA, the first video shows a direct comparison. And as expected, the opponents do not take much.

PlayStation 5

What better way to help you decide between PS5 and Xbox Series X than one direct comparison video? Digital Foundry has during the PS5 and Xbox Series X releases in the US Gameplay compared on the two consoleswith the next-gen version of Devil May Cry 5.

The result? Visually, the consoles seem to take next to nothing. Both show RayTracing, 4K and a smooth, fast performance, while the Xbox Series X does something better 4K can represent – invisible to the eye – it also seems to have higher frame rate drops:

“All scenes seem to run better on the PS5 (in terms of performance). Especially here, when you come to this area (in the game), they are Frame rate drops on Xbox Series X pretty tough for whatever reason. On the PS5, however, there is no such thing. "

To see is nothing, so here too: The difference is not really visible to the eye. The frame rate is mostly at both 100 FPS and while the Xbox Series X offers a slightly more stable performance during the video sequences, it falls quite sharply in the gameplay. The PS5, on the other hand, stays pretty solid between 110 and 90 FPS.

See the comparison yourself in the video:

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Digital Foundry cannot really explain the frame rate drops, but – and I would like to emphasize this again – there is no actually noticeable difference between the two consoles. They don't seem to have really big advantages or disadvantages in terms of graphics and performance, instead they are both good. So if you've already pre-ordered, there's no reason not to be dissatisfied with whichever console you choose.