A return to Liberty City? A trustworthy Leaker wants to know more and reveals details of upcoming updates for GTA Online.

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GTA Online: Is A Popular Character Coming Back?

A leaker that has already dropped reliable information on the PS5 port from GTA 5 in the past now provides us with new information about GTA Online. On Reddit The latter announces that the open world game will be rather quiet in summer, but it will be in December comes back with Kracher content.

The upcoming updates will focus on a very special setting. Apparently there is a reunion with the one known from GTA 4 Map of Liberty City.

And not only that, also one popular character the fourth part is to celebrate a comeback. The thread creator receives this information from his roommate who is believed to have worked at Rockstar Games.

The post says:

" he says the new venue is Liberty City. Niko Bellic comes back with his voice actor Michael Hollick. Roman Bellic is also returning. The Heist is the robbery of gold reserves from Liberty City (10 million maximum loot). Many free mode activities and quick jobs are added to the renewed Liberty City. Upcoming updates for the PS5 will be based on Liberty City. ”

The original post has now been deleted from the Leaker, only this screenshot still exists. The credibility However, the creator cannot be dismissed out of hand, in April of this year he had already made true statements about "GTA Online" updates. He was also right about the PS5 port of the game, which is now almost seven years old.

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A return to old locations in GTA Online is a common fan theory in the community. In December at the latest, we will see whether the Leaker has actually announced the truth. Until then, this message should be enjoyed with caution.