from André Left
We definitely expect the porting of further games for the PC from Sega in the future. As the publisher announced during a press conference, the great success of Persona 4 Golden is mainly responsible for this. However, it is not yet known which titles are involved.

Just recently, Sega released the role-playing game Persona 4 Golden for the PC via Steam – with great success. This development, which is very positive for the publisher, has a direct impact on future planning. Because driven by the good numbers, Sega wants to port more games for the PC in the future.

Haruki Satomi from Sega Sammy had explained this, but without giving specific names or titles. According to him, the sales of the PC version of Persona 4 Golden have so far exceeded expectations. This is also the reason why Sega will continue to bring published games to Steam and other platforms in the future. But that's not all: Sega doesn't just want to focus on porting these plans, but also wants to publish games for the PC right from the start. For this purpose, the company is currently in talks with several development studios in order to concretise this project. However, it has not yet been determined when the first of these projects can be expected.

Sega has been focusing more and more on the PC segment for some time. This was shown not least by the takeover of development teams such as Amplitude Studios, Relic Entertainment and, more recently, Two Point Studios. The latter had already made for a respectable success with the wacky hospital simulation Two Point Hospital. What the team is currently working on is not yet known.

Source: Sega Sammy (via PC gamer)