Just before the weekend, the developer studio From Software released the long-announced Game of the Year update for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is now available for all players to download free of charge so that you can immediately jump into the new content.

The big highlights in this update are definitely the two new game modes, which should provide additional hours in front of the screen. "Reflections of Strength" is a series of boss fights that can be repeated any number of times and that you can tackle at any time. All previously defeated boss opponents are available for selection, so that you can compete against your favorites again without having to fight your way through the campaign again first. You have to compete against bosses in "Gauntlets of Strength" – the second new mode in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. (buy now € 18.23 /€ 54.99 ) However, there is one special feature here: You only have one life. So should you bless the temporal, you have to start the challenge from the beginning. That brings a little roguelike flair to the matter.

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So that you do not lack motivation to face these adversities, there are some special rewards awaiting you. There are, among other things, two skins that you can unlock exclusively using these two modes. A little stamina pays off for you, so you shouldn't give up immediately.

Source: From software

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