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Wasteland 3 has not yet been released, the developers are already planning a sequel to the end-of-time role-playing game. inXile boss Brian Fargo definitely wants to continue the series.

Experience the new adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland from August 28th with the release of the role-playing game Wasteland 3. But you can expect that it won't be the last story in this scenario.

The adventures in "Wasteland" continue

After the release of Wasteland in 1988, it took around 26 years for the development studio inXile to release the sequel Wasteland 2. But now the sequels are coming in quick succession. Wasteland 3 will follow on August 28, 2020 (buy now for € 58.48) and according to studio founder Brian Fargo, there are already plans for part 4.

"It's too early for me to talk about what Wasteland 4 Could be, but we plan to continue the series and give the fans the black humor, desolate world and interesting characters that they have come to love, "Fargo said in an interview.

The world of Wasteland has tons of interesting locations for players to explore to see how the earth changed after the disaster. Maybe one could visit Europe or travel to Australia. It would be exciting to see what these countries look like after the nuclear war. Even in the USA there are still tons of exciting places that are suitable for new adventures.

Whether inXile remains true to the isometric perspective even with a Wasteland 4 or perhaps relies on a 3rd person view, there is sure to be material for interesting discussions. Since the studio is now owned by Microsoft, part 4 of the end-of-time RPG series can perhaps be made even more complex, larger and also visually more elaborate. It will be some time before we hear more about Wasteland 4. Now part 3 is about to be released.

Source: Post apocalyptic media

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