Sequel of the sci-fi RPG reportedly in the works

from Andreas Bertits
Apparently Obsidian Entertainment is already working on a sequel to the sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds. However, an insider explains that it is not at all sure whether it will actually appear.

Daniel Ahmad is a well-known game industry insider and analyst who was right with a few leaks. This time he's talking about a possible sequel to Obsidian's sci-fi RPGs The Outer Worlds.

Is there a sequel?

He explains on Twitter, "The last thing I heard was that there was a new game in the series thinking. It is currently in pre-production. It could change into something else, but this is the current status. "

So it's not clear what kind of game is in development here. It could be a sequel or some kind of spin-off that is set in the same universe. The Outer Worlds (buy now € 24.36 /€ 27.99 ) But it was well received by the players, which is why it would only be logical if Obsidian and Microsoft wanted to bring more parts on the market.

A sequel could fall back on a much higher budget, now that Microsoft has bought Obsidian. Maybe the gameplay could be made a little more varied in a further part. This turned out to be quite similar when you landed on a new planet, scanned all NPCs, fought against enemies in the wilderness, and then finally reached the destination.

But if you liked that, you will surely find joy with the DLC Peril of Gorgon, which introduces a new world with its own story and quests.

The basic framework for The Outer Worlds 2 would in principle already exist. So the game doesn't have to start from scratch. That could mean a slightly shorter development phase than with completely new games. But now the Steam release of The Outer Worlds is due on October 23rd.

Source: Twitter

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