Series with Captain Pike is supposed to really come

of Andreas Bertits
There has been a long discussion about a series about Captain Pike, Mister Spock and the USS Enterprise. Now The Weekly Planet Podcast wants to have heard from an insider that this series is really coming.

Captain Pike's appearance in the series Star Trek: Discovery Trekkies was so enthusiastic that calls for a series of their own were made for the legendary captain of the USS Enterprise. Now this series should really be shot.

Captain Pike Returns?

The Weekly Planet Podcast reports that an insider has revealed that the series is actually coming. An official announcement is only a matter of time. In addition to actor Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, Ethan Peck could also return as a young Mister Spock. Rebecca Romij should then also reappear as the first officer Una alias number one. We would then experience the adventures of the USS Enterprise with the series before Captain Pike had his serious accident and handed command of the ship to Captain Kirk.

The Weekly Planet Podcast has been right with such announcements before. For example, when characters from James Gunn's "Suicide Squad 2" were unveiled. As well as Star Trek is currently arriving on TV and there is great interest in a series with Captain Pike, this rumor seems very likely. However, we have to wait and see what the TV broadcaster CBS says.

Source: Full Circle Cinema

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