Serious Sam 4: release date postponed – game updated

from Andreas Bertits
You were looking forward to playing Hero Serious Sam's new adventure this month? Unfortunately nothing will come of that. Because the developer studio Croteam had to announce a postponement of Serious Sam 4.

With a very funny video, the developer studio Croteam announced a postponement of the action game Serious Sam 4 known.

Serious Sam 4 comes later

Actually, the latest part of the series should appear this August. However, it is now said that the release of Serious Sam 4 will only take place on September 24th. The team did not give a reason for the shift. Waiting a month longer for the struggles and the black humor is likely to be bearable.

In the new part you take on the hordes of Mental who want to break the last resistance of humanity. Sam "Serious" Stone once again equips himself with loads of weapons and shoots his way through the legions of enemies. The developers do not want to distance themselves too much from classic gameplay and want to provide you with the crazy and completely exaggerated action game that fans of the series expect.

With the new Legion system, hero Sam takes on the battlefields with thousands of enemies in a kind of repetition of the greatest moments of the series. If you want, you can also team up with three other players in a co-op mode and experience the main tasks and side missions together with a modified level of difficulty.

Expect non-stop action with fast gameplay when you fight the tons of enemies in September and use them to make small wood with lots of weapons. You can find out more about the action game in our preview video. Serious Sam 4 initially appears for PC and Google Stadia. A version for PS4 and Xbox One should then follow in 2021.

Source: Gematsu

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