Server links in Europe and the CM drama, Part 2

The idea of ​​once again linking WoW servers so that low-pop realms are breathed in new life does not only meet with approval in the community. After we reported on July 23, 2020 about new, planned links to German WoW servers, and came across the fans floating in the limbo, where broken links led to considerable economic problems and errors within guilds, it became clear that some players have nothing against the ghost servers remaining – all you have to do is look in the comment column. Apart from that, the technology does not seem to fail to link only with German servers. Server links in North America and Europe that were also planned for July 24, 2020 have since been canceled due to "unforeseeable technical problems", such as the CMs Kaivax respectively Thyvene post in the appropriate region forums.

And what about the German realms? Reminder: These links are currently pending:

  • Gilneas / Ulduar and Destromath / Gorgannash / Mannoroth / Nefarian / Nera'thor
  • Blackhand and Coil Kettle / Mal'Ganis / Taerar
  • Aman'thul and Anub'arak / Dalvengyr / Frostmourne / Nazjatar / Zuluhed
  • The Night Watch / Explorers' League and Death Watch / Cenarion Circle

At least with the recently announced links, it is now noted in the associated forum post that the players concerned will be informed as soon as the link has taken place. in the Contribution to the failed mergers, which should have happened at the beginning of July, however, there is still radio silence.

We understand the frustration and anger of the players concerned and have therefore written to the only community representative, the WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) in Europe at all – primarily to find out what's going on with the links between Aman'thul and Anub'arak / Dalvengyr / Frostmourne / Nazjatar / Zuluhed as well as The Night Watch / Research League and Death Watch / Cenarion Circle.

However, the answer is sobering. Blizzard's European (French) community team, now extremely shrunk due to the wave of layoffs in 2019, will post the information regarding the server shortcuts as soon as it is there. "However, the linking process is lengthy and tedious and not all links happen at the same time," it continues. "We are planning a post for all the links that have been made, but I still don't know when (it will come)." We did not get an answer to the question we asked about the broken links, whether there is a new appointment.

This is hardly sustainable for a company like Blizzard, which among other things upholds the slogan "Every vote counts" in its eight basic values. Because the voice of the German WoW community should count, even if it is so small. Without a German community manager, the last one was Christian "Rynundu" Döbel, who left Blizzard in early July 2020, the German players seem to have to rely on a kind of Bluepost lottery. Sometimes there is information, sometimes not. This is impossible, particularly with regard to server problems with significant gaming restrictions. We'll stay on the ball and try to find out more for you.

On our note that there has been a message in the English-language forums for hours to cancel the links Community manager Thyvene after all the post on the current links updated.

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