Setting facilitates the search for a mobile auction house

of Philipp Sattler
Although there is actually only an auction house for engineers in the Shadowlands, you rarely have to make your way back to Azeroth. Because players can be found everywhere with the mighty caravan brutosaurus, who has an auctioneer with him. A small setting on the interface helps so that you don't always have to search for it.

The mighty caravan brutosaurus, also known as AH-Mount, has already saved one or the other player a lot of time in WoW Shadowlands. Because neither in Oribos nor in the individual areas of the Shadowlands do the heroes find access to the auction house. The only exception are engineers who have an AH-Bot in Oribos, and those mobile auction houses on the Caravan Brutosaurus. Fortunately, many of the rich players who put 5 million gold on the table for the mount in Battle for Azeroth are so social and stand around with their mount in Oribos or in the respective pact sanctum when they are not actively playing.

So that you don't always have to look around when you need access to the AH, a small setting on the interface helps, which is common to most players

WoW: Small setting makes it easier to search for a mobile auction house (1)

WoW: Small setting makes it easier to search for a mobile auction house (1)

Source: Buffed

will not be activated. You can use the "Detect" button, which is located on the minimap by default, to display all auctioneers on that minimap. Up to now this was hardly necessary, as the positions of the AH employees were fixed and unchangeable and, apart from a few newcomers, everyone knows exactly where they stand in Eisenschmiede, Orgrimmar and Co.

If you activate this point, you can see at first glance whether there is a powerful caravan brutosaurus standing around in your sanctum, in Oribos or wherever you are. This saves time and nerves when searching, especially since you can see the position through walls or on other levels.

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