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The corona crisis does not seem to affect hardware companies like Nvidia too much – today, a deal that had been planned for a long time was officially confirmed: Team Green bought the network specialist Mellanox. Nvidia will cost the deal seven billion dollars. Mellanox specializes, among other things, in connecting independent networks and previously worked with Nvidia.

In times of the corona pandemic, the production of hardware is partially restricted – but apparently business is still going so well (possibly also due to the demand for hardware around home office) that Nvidia is now no longer reluctant to make an investment that has been planned for some time . Because as well our colleagues from Heise reportTeam Green paid $ 7 billion to buy Mellanox.

Mellanox – Interconnect specialist

The plans for the purchase have been on the table for some time. Mellanox's specialty is the so-called interconnect area. It is about connecting networks that are independent in themselves. Nvidia had previously worked with Mellanox on the connection of hardware for common computing operations. Interconnect is primarily mentioned when connecting telephone or power networks – Nvidia is obviously also about the know-how in terms of interconnect on a smaller scale, namely as far as the communication of chips or individual hardware components is concerned, but also as regards the connection of workstations, for example Graphics cards for larger server farms. Because even small efficiency gains already play a major role in profitability. Mellanox's 2019 profit was $ 208 million on sales of $ 1.33 billion – the $ 7 billion purchase is, of course, an investment with a long-term positive impact.

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