Shadow Arena: beta keys for the Black Desert Battle Royale

of Susanne Braun
As of February 27, 2020, the beta for Shadow Arena, the Battle Royale branch of the popular online role-playing game Black Desert Online, will take place. We give you some information about Shadow Arena and want to distribute 1,000 beta keys among those interested! First come first serve!

From February 27, 2020 to March 8, 2020, those responsible at Pearl Abyss will release the beta servers for the Battle Royale offshoot Shadow Arena of the online role-playing game Black Desert Online and give interested players the chance to fight the battles 39 other heroes to try. Shadow Arena was formerly part of Black Desert, but has become so popular that the developers have now converted it into an independent game with influences from MOBA, Battle Royale and MMO.

Shadow Arena lures Battle Royale muffle behind the stove so that you can choose from nine different characters with different skill sets and pre-defined fighting styles to start a round. In order to survive the battle against the other players and ultimately decide them for you, you have to hunt monsters and loot in the wild so that you can improve the status values ​​of your character. In the end, however, as so often in PvP and Battle Royale, it will boil down to the player with the most skill in attack and defense as well as the perfect timing in battle being ahead. Do you dare to go into battle and want to show the others?

Shadow Arena: Beta keys for the Beta of the Black Desert Battle Royale (1) (Source: Pearl Abyss)

Then you have the opportunity to secure one of 1,000 betakeys for Shadow Arena based on "First come, first serve", which the people of Pearl Abyss have kindly made available to us. If you get a key, you can start preloading the client from Steam on February 24, 2020. The beta will start on February 27, 2020, exact times are not yet known. You can then try both solo and team mode, and start both practice games and private games. Do you want to try Shadow Arena? Then click on the link below!

Yes, I want a beta arena for Shadow Arena!

Shadow Arena is scheduled for PC release in the first half of 2020, with console versions to follow later. We award the beta keys based on "first come, first served" – and hope that each of you can get a key. Our general competition conditions can be found here. The judges' decision is final and cash prizes are not possible.

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