No, a full-fledged Shadow Tactics 2 is far from in sight. But for that we at least get the next best thing: Publisher Daedalic and developer Mimimi Games are currently working on Aiko’s Choice, an expansion for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. A week before the official announcement, we spoke to Dominik Abé, the co-founder of Mimimi and Game Director of Shadow Tactics, at a digital event. Here you will find all information about the scope, story and much more.

Aiko’s Choice is explicitly not Shadow Tactics 2, but an independently executable extension to Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (buy now /33,99 € ). So the add-on doesn’t need the excellent main game, the title is sold separately. The story focuses on the versatile Aiko, who has to deal with a new opponent from her past. It is not yet known exactly when the action will begin. But it is definitely not a prequel, since the four playable heroes only get to know each other in the main game: At Aiko’s side, the agile ninja Hayato, the devious Yuki and the wise sniper Takuma fight again. There will probably be no replacement for the samurai Mugen, but his fate will be dealt with further in the story. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Dominik Abé grins at us through the webcam: “It’s still a secret, I won’t say more about it.”

The gameplay remains untouched, nothing changes in terms of opponents, heroes and abilities.

The gameplay remains untouched, nothing changes in terms of opponents, heroes and abilities.

Quelle: Daedalic / Mimimi Games

Not only do the playable heroes remain the same, the opponents are also taken over unchanged. The gameplay is supposed to be identical to the main game, so there won’t be any new features or abilities. The developers prefer to score with cleverly designed missions and a dense story – everything that can be expected after Shadow Tactics and the first-class Desperados 3.

Aiko’s Choice will contain three extensive missions, as usual full of tactical possibilities and several possible solutions. There are also three small “interlude” levels; these are short interludes that are primarily intended to advance the story, but there is also a bit of gameplay included. Classic cut scenes are to be avoided as much as possible this time. The developers plan for 6 to 8 hours until a normal player experiences the credits. Nothing should change in terms of technology, and there will be no playful innovations from Desperados 3 – such as the cool summaries at the end of a mission.

Aiko's Choice will offer three big new missions, plus there are three small intermediate levels in which the story is pushed forward.

Aiko’s Choice will offer three big new missions, plus there are three small intermediate levels in which the story is pushed forward.

Quelle: Daedalic / Mimimi Games

Why not a real successor?

Dominik Abé tells us a little about the background of the development: The studio has set itself the course to only implement one project at a time. So you want to concentrate fully on a game and get the most out of the development time. After the completion of Desperados 3 (here our test) and the successful DLCs, Mimimi Games officially started work on Project Sweet Potato – another real-time tactical game that is supposed to be based on a completely new IP.

However, it turned out that there is a small time window between Desperados 3 and the Sweet Potato project in which valuable resources remain unused. A full-fledged Shadow Tactics 2 would be impossible to implement in this context. But because the team wanted to work on the brand again, the decision was made to put the idle level designers, programmers and artists on a smaller project without further ado. So the Aiko’s Choice expansion was finally born, for which Daedalic Entertainment is again filling in as a publisher.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice is due to appear “later this year”, according to Dominik Abé. There is no official price yet, but with 6 to 8 hours of play we assume that the standalone expansion will end up below the 20 euro mark. For comparison: the main game costs on Steam around 40 euros and, along with Desperados 3, is clearly one of the best things you can get as a Commandos fan these days.

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