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Astrologer Etraeus saw many worlds in his observation room in the night fortress. As it now turned out, he was even allowed to take a look at the Shadowlands. This shows a recently released video from the beta of WoW Shadowlands.

In his observation room, Legion boss astrologer Etraeus saw many things in the night fortress. For example the corruption of the void, the worlds of the Legion and many other disturbing and wonderful places in the universe. Visually, the fight against the magician makes a lot. But did you know that he also visited the Shadowlands? Well, he really didn't.

But in the beta of WoW Shadowlands he was actually able to take a look at the transport system that we use to move between the zones of the Shadowlands. Of course, it was a bug that is as clear as the various locations in the universe that are visible during the boss fight. Player OgreJoe is only now releasing a video of the unusual boss fight, which you can watch below.

How do these strange bugs come about?
It is of course completely normal for errors to occur during a beta – this is what the test server is there for. But if a boss from Legion suddenly uses an animation from Shadowlands, it is very noticeable. That's because developers like to test animations and skills in all kinds of environments.

During the test phase of Shadowlands, for example, the "soccer boss" Inquisitor Xanesh served to test various boss skills of Shadowlands bosses. Later the developers even forgot to remove one of the Shadowlands boss skills, which led to the hotfix for some wipes in Ny'alotha. We reported: WoW Patch 9.0.1 Bug – Xanesh uses Shadowlands abilities. Exactly the same thing happened to the astrologer Atraeus.

Source: icy-veins.com

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