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If you were to string together 150 screenshots of a zone from World of Warcraft, then … well, you might not get very far. But if you, like Kreativkopf RafaQQ, put 150 screenshots of a Warcraft region together and turn them into a little big plant, then that's pretty cool and looks fantastic on top of that!

The games in the Little Big Planet series are characterized by two main features: Sackboy, the small main character of the platforming game, and mini-planets. Sackboy and his buddies climb, hop and puzzle their way over the surfaces of these small worlds in order to reach a goal. Whether Sackboy would also like to try a Shadowlands world or another WoW region? We do not know it. But if he wanted, then thanks to photographer RafaQQ (via WoWHead) a fantastic template and inspiration tool.

Because RafaQQ has already meticulously captured several WoW regions in a panoramic view in around 150 screenshots; in his case it is 360 ° x180 °. RafaQQ uses the PTGuI program to transfer these 150 or so screenshots from a panoramic view into a "Little Big Planet" projection and then processes the first result in Photohop. After about three hours, RafaQQ has his result, which he has already shared several times on Reddit these days.

There are the Shadowlands areas of The Throat, Maldraxxus and Bastion as well as the Nagrand. The Ardenwald takes RafaQQ, which actually Robin Onderka and published his photos on Instagram, next in attack. Oribos and Revendreth are still missing, at least from the Shadowlands. But many fans can also imagine other WoW zones in the style of Little Big Planet, such as those from Pandaria. Let's be honest at this point: There are somehow no ugly zones in WoW.

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