Shadowlands panel of BlizzCon available on Youtube

from Sara Petzold
Blizzard has released the "What's Next" panel for World of Warcraft from this year's BlizzCon on Youtube. So even those WoW fans can watch the entire panel with all Shadowlands info for free, who missed the stream on BlizzCon weekend.

Christmas is around the corner and Blizzard is apparently in a spiteful mood: the California development studio has the "What's Next" panel for World of Warcraft (buy now for 39,99 €)which completely revolved around the new extension Shadowlands as part of Blizzcon 2019, posted on Youtube (via Vanion). Previously, only holders of the paid virtual ticket and live stream viewers on November 01, 2019 could enjoy these recordings.

So who is currently waiting a bit for the wait Shadowlands and the journey to the realm of the dead If you want to sweeten or miss the free livestream on the 1st of November, the panel can now watch again in full length for free. WoW's Game Director Ion Hazzikostas explains in the panel what exactly Shadowlands is all about, what the World of Warcraft deadworld is all about and what role each of the pacts we are allowed to join as part of the expansion:

For more information on Shadowlands Blizzard revealed at the Blizzcon 2019 while under the Deep Dive panel, but this remains reserved only for virtual ticket owners. However, Blizzard also has Blizzcon's other What's-Next panels in addition to World of Warcraft's What's-Next panel Overwatch 2. Diablo IV and Hearthstone: Legacy of the Dragons posted on Youtube. If you want to get a little blizzard feeling in the house afterwards, you can spend a cozy evening on the couch with the 45 minutes videos.

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