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The system of splinters of domination, which will be introduced in WoW with Patch 9.1, has been adapted in the most recent PTR build. The special base stones can now be removed from their base without being destroyed in the process. However, it will cost you a few gold coins.

As usual in WoW, a new system comes into play with Patch 9.1, which further increases the strength of our characters – regardless of an increasing item level, which will of course also come. In Patch 9.1 we are allowed to equip many of our items from the new raid Sanctum of Dominion with special sockets – the Shards of Dominion. These grant special bonuses, as well as a respective set bonus, if you take the specifications into account when choosing the splitter.

Splinters of domination can be chiseled out

With the latest build, the item Soul Fire Chisel brought into play. This enables you to remove the splinters from their sockets again without destroying them, as is the case with normal gemstones. So you don’t need countless splinters to try different combinations and you can regularly switch back and forth and adapt your special socket to the tasks ahead of you.

WoW: Splinters of rule can be removed and re-used (2)

Source: Buffed

WoW: Splinters of dominion can be removed and used again (3)

Source: Buffed

All you need is the item. Currently, the soul fire chisels are only available from a dealer in Korthia – for a manageable 20 gold. The item is also not used up (at least currently on the PTR). So you only have to buy it once and from now on you can switch around as much as you want. The developers have thus addressed one of the major points of criticism of the system before the release on the live servers and adapted it to the satisfaction of most players.

WoW Patch 9.1: Cinematic trailer for Chains of Dominion – King’s Grief

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