Shooter action with a lot of blood and brain

The Slayer is back and is again slaughtered in Doom Eternal by countless demons, zombies and other creatures from hell. The game builds on the strengths of the predecessor released in 2016 and above all expands the popular glory kill system. In the test, we clarify whether Doom Eternal is a must for every shooter fan.

What is Doom Eternal?

Doom was first published in 1993 and is now considered Grandfather of the shooter genre. Then as now, the brand stands for uncompromising action and brute shootings, accompanied by a blaring soundtrack. One of the most important turning points in the series was Doom (2016), in which the so-called Glory kills Introduced: Stricken opponents can be eliminated in a particularly bloody melee animation. On the one hand, this action rewards the player with life and ammunition and is therefore a good reason to plunge into combat rather than seek cover, especially in dangerous situations. On the other hand, the short animations represent urgently needed breaks to get from the Non-stop action not to be overwhelmed.

Doom Eternal now extends this principle and gives the game even more more tactical depth: You earn life energy from glory kills, ammunition from attacks with the chainsaw. The so-called is new Flame spoutswho fills up your armor. Besides, they are Level in Doom Eternal much more vertical, which not only means that you often attack your opponents from the air in the heated battles, but also have to complete jump passages and similar climbing inserts every now and then on the way to the next battle.

Test conclusion to Doom Eternal

Anyone who has already enjoyed Doom (2016) will be happy with Doom Eternal. Although the series has the reputation of a blunt shooting gallery, are the battles in Doom Eternal are as demanding as ever. Every second, decisions have to be made, weapons changed, resources managed and situations analyzed so that the creatures from hell don't overwhelm you.

That does it again a lot of fun, can also be overwhelming. The action is from time to time Climbing and jumping passages interrupted, however, you should not be surprised if you need a break more often than when playing Doom Eternal than with other games. Multiplayer fans can also enjoy the asynchronous battle mode, in which a doom slayer competes against two demons, which are also controlled by real people.

These are the strengths from Doom Eternal:

  • Thoughtful, tactical, yet action-packed combat system
  • Great graphics that run great even on mid-range computers
  • 13 missions, replete with collectibles, secrets and bonus challenges
  • Master level put professionals to the test even after the end credits
  • Several details and surprises for series veterans

These are the weaknesses from Doom Eternal:

  • Persistent action can get tired after a while
  • Jumping and climbing frustrated every now and then
  • Can the multiplayer motivate in the long term?

Riot with brains

Do you remember the manuals that came with the games in the past? Usually there was always something like "Take a 15 minute break for every hour played. "What nobody followed afterwards. In Doom Eternal, however, the warning is definitely appropriate, because the game will demand everything from you. The target accuracy with the crosshairs is only half the battle here, blunt shooting won't get you far. Instead, you have to evaluate the current situation every second and make the right decisions: Which opponents should I focus on first? Which weapon is the most effective right now? How much ammunition do I have left? Do some of my opponents have weak points that I can exploit? Can I still collect power-ups and life energy in my area? The head can start smoking.

The longer you play Doom Eternal, the better answers you will find to these questions and the harder challenges you can face as a slayer. For example, in many situations it is advisable to focus on more difficult enemies first and to ignore harmless zombies and grunts in order to be literal in an emergency Cannon fodder to use – be it to refill ammunition or urgently needed life energy. A total of 13 levels await youwhere you are with a ever-growing arsenal of weapons and skills your skills and evidence.

It is quite normal that you will not master all of the challenges on the first try: Ideally, Doom Eternal's missions want to be played multiple times. So you can return to missions that have already been completed later in the game to catch up on missed collectibles or previously unconquered challenges. Since you have leveled your Slayer properly compared to the first attempt and there are even more powerful weapons available, this return to areas already visited is accordingly entertaining.

After the credits: let’s go!

The so-called master levels are particularly demanding. These are particularly difficult versions of missions already completed, in which you will be faced with even more and nastier opponents. To conquer this master level is that Endgame challenge from Doom Eternal, which, depending on your ambition, will keep you busy for a while after the credits of the original campaign already flickered on the screen.

At the time of publication, two master levels are available, but more are expected in the coming weeks and months Submitted free of charge become. The name comes to you Master level known before? Then you may have already played Doom 2 back in the nineties, after all the bonus levels of the classic already had this name.

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Doom earlier and today: The shooter has developed so blatantly

The master levels are not the only ones Allusion to veterans, because the plot of the Doom Eternal (yes, Doom has a plot!) also has all kinds of surprises and allusions for long-established series fans. The story of the game is of course not a literary revelation and is narrative for miles behind the sister series Wolfenstein Descent into hell and some other scenes but still provide a highlight or two, even for newcomers to the series.

What is good for multiplayer?

In addition to the campaign, Doom Eternal also offers the so-called Battle mode: One person takes on the role of the slayer, while two others slip into the skin of demons. This two-on-one battle sounds absolutely promising on paper – there at the time of testing, however, no online battle was possible the true potential of Battle Mode can only be guessed at the moment.

They are similarly exciting, but so far pure theory Invasionsthat optionally make your life difficult in the regular campaign history. Just like in Dark Souls you can allow other players to enter your game and take control of a demon. It remains to be seen whether the additional risk pays off and what rewards are used to motivate the invaders to enter third-party games.

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