A Battlefield 6 insider has revealed that Dice's next first-person shooter will feature a feature that will really get CoD players crazy. Thanks to some changes, the function should work much better than the original.


Battlefield 6: New shooter to rely on skill based matchmaking

The well-known leaker Tom Henderson is talking about himself again. After causing a stir a few weeks ago when he announced that Battlefield 6 should be based on a popular predecessor, he now has the next interesting piece of information in his luggage.

According to his statement Dice will use Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) in Battlefield 6 – a function that was also used in the last Call of Duty parts and has been heavily criticized by many players since its introduction. Through the system, players with as similar a skill as possible should compete against each other. The problem for many fans: For them the fun of the game is lost, as every round feels incredibly competitive. Relaxed play is hardly possible in this way.

In Battlefield 5 a lot has changed compared to its predecessors. You can find out what that is in the video:

Better SBMM? Battlefield 6 has an ace up its sleeve

Although Battlefield 6 will also rely on SBMM, according to Tom Henderson, the system should be significantly less frustrating than in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. This is mainly due to the fact that Dice sets different priorities for putting together a lobby. For example, the player's skill shouldn't be the most important factor, but the ping to the server. If the players are connected to the server, a system calculates in a few seconds which player combination results in the most balanced composition and divides the teams accordingly – according to Henderson in his video on the subject:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm9PcQhAYrc (/ embed)

This way, both good and bad players end up on both teams, while in Call of Duty all players in a lobby have a similar skill level. But Battlefield 6 has another ace up its sleeve. If you don't feel like normal matchmaking, you will still be able to create custom servers or join them. The SBMM system then does not work on them.

And what else excites the players in games besides SBMM? Our article tells you:

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It remains to be seen whether Battlefield 6 will really rely on SBMM in the end. At the moment it is not possible to estimate whether the hated mechanics will really find their way into the game. However, if the system really works as described by Henderson, only a few players should be bothered by it.