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Since the release on May 21, Amazon's online shooter Crucible has recorded only small numbers of players, which continue to decline. The Crucible developers are now revealing what the future of the game looks like.

Crucible is probably in Duden next to "lousy game start, the" as a picture book example: The online shooter from Amazon has been playable since May 21, but hardly arouses enthusiasm among players. On average, user reviews on Steam are a poor 44 percent, while ingame not even romp about 1,000 more at the same time. For comparison: Even the hero shooter Battleborn, which has since been discontinued could attract more players at the same point. So there is a need for action here, which the developers have also recognized. They have therefore published a roadmap via Trello and revealed in a development update on Steam what's going to change.

Just one player mode for Crucible

The developers take the players' feedback to heart and therefore concentrate their efforts on getting the game in better shape before the first season begins. The online shooter is currently still in the "pre-season". This should remain so until the developers and players are satisfied.

Part of the newly focused development is the elimination of two game modes: The MOBA mode "heart of the swarms" remains, while the battle royale game from Alphajäger and the harvester command mode will soon no longer be playable. The heart of the swarms gets the full attention of the studio so that it is really fun.

Crucible: The alpha hunter mode in the gameplay video

Roadmap reveals changes from Crucible

The upcoming changes from Crucible are divided into two phases in the roadmap:

Phase 1 of the Crucible Roadmap

  • Combat improvements
  • New tutorial videos
  • Deactivation of the game mode 'Alpha hunter
  • Surrender possibility in a match
  • Voice chat
  • Improved fast communication via pings
  • Problem solving: AFK player
  • Deactivation of the game mode 'Harvester command

Phase 2 of the crucible roadmap

  • Mini map
  • Updated map for heart of swarms
  • Improved social functions
  • Own games (Custom made)
  • Creature rework for better PvE
  • Revision of the game menu
  • Revision of the respawn system
  • Twitch drops

The developers promise regular bug fixes and improvements, while there will also be developer updates in which the makers of Crucible want to share their ideas and respond to community feedback.

Source:, Crucible roadmap, Steam

Crucible: Official Trailer – first look at gameplay

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